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Personal Injury

We are experienced in handling your plaintiffs’ personal injury claim. Our firm has experience in wrongful death claims, traumatic brain injury claims, liquor liability (dram shop) claims, claims from falls and other negligence related claims. We do not represent insurance companies. We do have a strong working relationship with a very experienced investigator. The best hope of settling a personal injury claim for its full value is to be in a position to proceed to trial if the claim cannot be settled. In excess of 95% of all personal injury claims are resolved through settlement rather than through trial. We take most cases on a contingent fee basis which means that we receive no fees for our work if there is not a recovery. In an appropriate case we will also take all expenses on a contingent fee basis which means that if there is no recovery the client has no cost whatsoever, including investigation, filing fees, deposition transcript fees, and other fees related to pursuing the claim. We have included below materials which have been developed by our office that attempt to answer frequently asked questions by personal injury clients. To see the type of information we need if you wish that we represent you, you can open our intake sheet below. We invite you to call our office at (320) 732-6112 or if it is long distance call us toll free at (800) 450-6112 for an appointment.

We have the experience, trained personnel, and the necessary resources to pursue an injured client’s claim to successful settlement or, if necessary, to trial.

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Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

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