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Introduction Letter on Personal Injury
from Randolph T. Brown

Dear Client:

In the course of this office's representation of people who have been involved in motor vehicle collisions, it has been apparent to us that often people have inadequate coverage's or fail to understand the significance of certain coverage's in their automobile insurance policies.† this office has no interest in selling motor vehicle insurance policies, but as a courtesy to all of our clients, we would urge you to review your automobile policy to ensure that it has coverage's that are sufficient to meet your needs in the event anyone in your family is injured in a collision.

All companies writing automobile insurance will provide more than the minimum liability coverage required by state law and we would urge you to speak with your agent to determine the cost of additional liability coverage above the minimum $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident required by Minnesota State Law.† We would suggest a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 and if you check, I believe you will find that the cost of this additional coverage is very reasonable.

Even more important, if you are able to afford increased liability coverage, you can have uninsured and underinsured coverage in an amount equal to the amount of liability insurance you carry.† Uninsured and underinsured coverage is insurance which provides benefits to you and your family members in the event any of you are involved in a motor vehicle collision. In other words, this type of coverage is insurance for you and members of your household rather than insurance which will protect someone else in case of injury.† The cost of obtaining the highest amount of uninsured and underinsured coverage available is usually very minimal for the additional benefit you and members of your family will receive from this type of coverage.

You also have the right under current Minnesota law to elect to "stack" first party or personal injury protection benefits under your policies of insurance if you won or insure more than one vehicle.† The cost of stacking these benefits is also usually very small compared with the benefits received.† Minnesota law requires that every policy of insurance covering a vehicle principally garaged in the state of Minnesota have personal injury protection benefits which will pay you or members of your household $20,000 of medical expense coverage in the event any of you are in a motor vehicle collision and will also cover $20,000 of lost wages and other economic loss benefits in the event you or members of your family are injured.† Stacking allows you to accumulate these benefits so that if there is an injury and you have two vehicles you would have $40,000 of medical expense benefits and $40,000 of economic loss benefits.† This again is another category of insurance which protects you and the members of your family who reside in your household and I urge you to review your policy of insurance on your motor vehicles with your agent to ensure that you are receiving the best protection for you and members of your family, which currently you can purchase at a very reasonable cost.

I would suggest that you put this letter with your insurance policy so that the next time you renew your policy you may review these matters with your agent, if you do not desire to review your policy in the middle of your policy term.

As a service for our clients, we are willing to review without charge your motor vehicle policies of insurance to recommend any changes in coverage. We would only ask that you call and make an appointment and bring in all policies covering all family vehicles together with the declaration sheets showing the coverage's so that we can review the existing coverage with you.

Yours very truly,
Randolph T. Brown


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